Mar 26, 2013 · Easter is the perfect time to surprise a loved one with a beautiful bouquet, thanks to the fact that it heralds the arrival of spring and the wonderful flowers it brings with it. If you're thinking about doing just that, read our guide for some inspiration when it comes to the particular blooms you can choose at this time of year.. First beautiful flower that symbolizes EasterWHITE LILIES! 👉White flowers like the Easter lily often symbolize purity and innocence. For Christians, this purity and innocence is associated with Christ. 👉Tulips are the ultimate spring flower. Beautiful and vibrant, these flowers come in an array of different colors. 9 Favorite Easter Flowers 1. Easter Lily The Easter lily is the obvious choice to top our list since it's named for the holiday. Easter lilies are white with trumpet-shaped flowers. Traditionally, they are associated with purity and resurrection. "/>What is the flower for easter